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Seven ways to get close to a dream

Dreaming of a job that will give you more than just a salary? Want to complete the old relationship and start new? For a long time you think about doing your favorite business, but still do not dare? A few tips from Barbara Cher who will help to start living the way you like.

1. Get your personal dream. If you do not have a passion for helicopters, yachts and big houses from birth, do not let others impose your ideas about a good life for you. Our addictions are unique as fingerprints, and no one except you has a concept of what you need for happiness.

2. Find a vocation. We were born to realize what is given to us. It is impossible to become happy without it. We rarely help us find talents and almost never tell you how to develop them. At least this is not taught as reading, counting or driving. That is why it is so difficult to respond to the “Call of the Soul” and write a novel, learn a new language, take up photography.

You must do what you have talent for.

Not that you can well: most of our skills are nothing more than the abilities that we have developed only because they are useful.

How to find out what you are gifted by nature? Remember what kind of classes you were in joy before or are enjoying now. And it does not matter how well you get them.

3. Decide on the stimulus. We are taught that it is necessary to develop a character, keep yourself in our hands, do not succumb to laziness and fear – they say, this is the only way to achieve the goal. But this approach is far from universal.

A reward helps someone-for example, a promise to buy a new outfit if you can drop five kilograms. Criticism spurred others, they do a lot « for weakly ». Say such a person: “You will never go to this mountain,” he will immediately grit his teeth and climb upstairs.

We are all different, and our incentives are also. Just look for yours.

4. Surround yourself with allies. To take the first step to the dream, you need feelings of confidence and security. Courage is needed, and it is generated by the realization that you are not alone. Right now you need a support group, allies who believe in you and notice your talent. It is especially important that they are nearby at first, when you are still not really sure of your own gift.

They do not need a lot from them – just accept you as you are, give advice, help you not to turn off your dream and come to the rescue whenever you need.

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